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Stand out with our mobile LED display trailers, ancimmersive way to give you a marketing edge.

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XLNC Displays specializes in quality mobile LED displays. We provide
a memorable visual marketing solution to help you stand out from the
competition, with mobile displays that will guarantee non-stop
engagement and leave the crowd wanting more. Based in California
we have the ability to offer product support and services throughout
North America. All of our ideas, concepts and designs are engineered
to be user friendly; we take pride in offering our customers a mobile
LED display at an affordable price without compromising quality. Our
product solutions give you the opportunity to enhance your events,
increase advertising revenue and provide a user experience second
to none.

About Our Led Displays


Our LED displays are essentially large outdoor/indoor video walls that utilize LED modular technology, unlike traditional single panel LCD or LED monitors


The LED technology we use is one of the brightest display technologies available on the market, allowing you to use our mobile LED displays in direct sunlight.


Resistance to natures’ elements is essential when it comes to LED displays. Resistance to the elements is measured using an international


A pixel is the smallest point of the visual component on a digital image, they are the small dots that you see on the LED panel when viewed up close.


Our LED modules in the LED displays are all individually selfcontained with a dedicated power source and content management system


Our mobile LED display trailers are custom built from ground up, this gives us the ability to source the best raw materials possible. We believe no matter how nice a product

Our Product Categories

LED Trailers

LED Video Walls

LED Perimeter Displays

LED Marketing


The mobile LED displays we offer are all-in-one turnkey solutions that can be used indoors or outdoors simply tow or push to any location and setup within minutes, self-sufficient with on-board generators for outdoor use, simple Std. Cam lock power cables for indoor use, and integrated audio systems.

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Benefits Of A Mobile LED Display Trailer


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We make work simple by smart engineering

Suggested Uses

Videos, movies, web streaming, slideshows,live camera feeds, advertisements and endless marketing capabilities.


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Why Choose XLNC Displays

From the moment you engage with us, our dedicated team is poised to listen, understand, and collaborate with you to find the perfect LED screen trailer solution for your specific requirements.

Affordable Price

Our commitment to affordability does not compromise the quality or performance of our products.

Professional Team

Each member of our team brings a wealth of expertise in LED technology, mobile marketing, and event management.

24/7 Support

We offer round-the-clock customer support to ensure that your LED screens are always operational and serving your communication needs effectively.

Choose The Right One For You

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Basic Package

25 Mbps

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Premium Package

50 Mbps

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Luxury Package

80 Mbps

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Generate Revenue With Your Mobile Led Display

Increase Sponsorship Revenue

Essentially the main marketing purpose of an event is to help generate revenue, be it a for profit or non-profit organization. Realistically if you depend on ticket sales alone rarely will it help you meet your bottom-line goals. Sponsorships are the key to not only making your event a success but also profitable ( even says the number one way to increase event revenue is through sponsorships). According to IEG (Innovative Event Group) on-site signage and promotion is the sponsors number one priority, the ability to engage the sponsors brand visually during the course of an event. Our mobile LED displays give you the ability to provide your sponsors with on-site brand promotion and recognition, be it with full screen video ads or banner ads running on the display during the course of the event. Give your sponsors the opportunity to highlight their brands in digital format instead of the age-old lackluster static banner or print signage.

Rent It Out

The chances of you using your mobile LED display every day is very slim so during downtime or even as a
business model, rent it out. By renting the mobile LED display out you can generate some great revenue
and help decrease personal cost per use, recoup some of your capital investment and potentially use the
mobile LED display as a passive income source. We’ve done the math and the average ROI on our mobile
LED displays is about 25 rentals, which is easily attainable within a calendar year.


What Our Clients Say

As a small business owner, I was looking for a unique way to promote my products. LED VisionTech's mobile XLNC Displays was the answer.

Mark T

"I can't thank XLNC Displays enough for their LED screen trailer! It transformed our outdoor music festival into a visual spectacle. "

Sarah M.

The displays are stunning, and the team's ability to customize content on the fly has been invaluable. We can instantly adapt to market trends and connect with our audience in real-time. Highly recommended!

Jessica L.

Discount up to 30% for new members

We’re excited to welcome you to the world of LED VisionTech, and to express our appreciation for choosing us as your partner in visual communication, we’re offering an exclusive 30% discount on your first LED screen trailer rental.